North Sea Port VAF
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Terms & Conditions

If you buy a ticket, you automatically agree with the terms and conditions of the festival.

  • Liability 

- Visiting festival locations and attending screenings is entirely at your own risk. Film Fest Gent and its partners are in no way accountable for damages to visitors or to possessions of visitors – outside or inside of the festival locations. 
- Film Fest gent is in no way – not even in case of circumstances beyond one’s control – liable when a part of the festival or the entire festival is cancelled.

  • Ticket control

- Every ticket contains a unique barcode, granted on a one-off basis. Visitors with a faked, copied or re-used ticket will be denied access to the festival.
- Tickets are non-refundable, not even in case of changes or cancellations in the festival programme, nor in case of circumstances beyond the control of Film Fest Gent, its guests or visitors. In case of a cancellation or incorrect subtitling, it is possible to exchange your ticket for another ticket within the same price range. This is possible until 15 minutes after the starting-time mentioned on the original ticket.
- When you visit the festival locations, you may be subjected to luggage control. If you refuse this inspection, you may be denied access to the venues. 
- Film Fest Gent offers its partners the possibility to reserve seating. These screenings are marked with *** on the festival calendar in the official Film Fest Gent guide. Only limited seating at the front of the cinema is available for these screenings.
- The instructions provided by the Film Fest Crew are to be followed.
- Films in the section “Kids Proof” are child-friendly. The other festival films are not accessible to minors under 16.

  • Media

- Professional cameras and recording equipment are not allowed on the festival locations without explicit written permission by Film Fest Gent
- Recording films or other materials protected by copyright is prohibited.
- It is possible that you are filmed or photographed during the festival without explicit permission. You cannot derive any rights from this.
- Photographs or video footage of the festival locations during Film Fest Gent cannot be used for commercial or public purposes, unless with the written permission of the organiser. 

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